Preview: Night\Shift

10 Night\Shift Events To Get Geeked About

Founded by Eric Rumble five years ago, Night\Shift has become one of Kitchener’s most anticipated events. The place hacking festival will transform downtown Kitchener into a free fall art crawl mixing pop-up art and performances on the same weekend that the clock changes. Going down from November 2-4, we pick 10 Night\Shift events we’re geeked about. For the full schedule, check out their official website.

Nov 2: Night\Shift 2017 Collage Party

The festival kicks off in true collaborative style. Make a button or contribute to a collage as musicians like drone artist Castle If perform live ambient jams. The party is in partnership with Open Sesame’s exhibition of Catherine Mellinger’s collages (pictured above) from the book, Deep Salt Water.
Nov 2, 7-10.30pm. Open Sesame, 220 King St. W, Kitchener.

Nov 3: Night\Shift placehacks KWAG

Prior to Saturday night’s big takeover of downtown Kitchener, the Night\Shift crew invades the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery’s (KWAG) space. A director’s cut of Dylan Reibling’s 24-Hour Dolly will be screened that relives the filmmaking endurance challenge from Night/Shift 2016. North Atlantic Drink, Clara Engel and M. Mucci perform ambient live sets and there will be a sneak peace of Lucid (more details below). There will also be access to KWAG’s main gallery exhibit, Carry Forward.
Nov 3, 5-10pm. Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, 101 Queen St. N, Kitchener.

Nov 3 and 4: Lucid

A participant project in Ryerson University’s innovative storytelling and media incubator, the Transmedia Zone, Lucid offers “a therapeutic universe of sound and light driven by brainwaves.” Participants will enter the Lucid geodesic dome (see cover image) one at a time where they are given an EEG reader and sound isolating earphones. A customized blend of experimental music and light powered by the user’s brainwaves will then fill the space, inducing a “dream-like mediative state.”
Nov 3, 5-10pm. Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, 101 Queen St. N.
Nov 4, 7pm (by appointment). Mercury Cafe, 30 Duke St. W, Kitchener.

Nov 4: Night\Shift 2017 Live Music Showcase

The Apollo Cinema hosts an impressive lineup of some of Canada’s finest experimental music acts that includes the Polaris Prize shortlisted Cadence Weapon, Toronto experimental folk duo Anamai, dream pop act You’ll Never Get to Heaven, solo violinist respectfulchild, Toronto trio New Fries and Coy Haste, the solo project from Pick-A-Piper’s Brad Weber. Expect trippy visual accompaniments.
Nov 4, 7pm. The Apollo Cinema, 141 Ontario St. N, Kitchener.

Nov 4: True North Mural

As part of Communitech’s True North Waterloo Conference held next May 29-31, 2018, Claire Binnie will paint a mural live in Goudie’s Lane.
Nov 4, 7pm. Goudies Lane Patio, Queen St., Kitchener.

Nov 4: Fibre Funhouse

Night/Shift favorites Agnes Niewiadomski and Michelle Purchase remake Goudies Lane into an oversized modular blanket fort where “you’ll find a strange range of rooms full of whimsy, activities and wonder – spaces to play, relax, connect and explore.” Regional theatre arts company Green Light Arts will also be populating the Fibre Funhouse with colorful characters that will add to the eclectic ambience.
Nov 4, 7pm. Under the covered areas in Goudie Lane, halfway between Ontario St. and Queen St., Kitchener

Nov 4: VRLENS Monitor

Canadian landscape and interactive artist nik harron continues his VRLENS projects by debuting a fourth monitor at this year’s Night\Shift. Fabricated from acrylic mirror stock and a discarded 17” computer monitor, viewers can peer into each VRLENS monitor which produces “video loops reimagined by kaleidoscopic analogue filters, creating more than 50 completely unique visual environments.”
Nov 4, 7pm. Mercury Cafe, 30 Duke St. W, Kitchener.

Nov 4: Selectively Selective

Known as the driving force behind the annual music and art gathering Blue Dot, Spool Oops (aka. Ian Newton) presents this participatory art exhibit that aims “to explore how the brain filters basic information in the modern age.” Festival-goers can take part in a series of timed drawing sessions where they will be asked to draw everyday items from memory. Drawings will be collected and displayed to create a makeshift growing gallery.
Nov 4, 7pm. Behind the coat check at TWH Social, Basement, 1 King St. W, Kitchener.

Nov 4: Megaphonic

Fresh off a tour of Western Canada, the audio-visual duo Versa presents this project showcasing the power of your voice. Step up to Megaphonic’s speaking tube and watch your voice reappear as projected animations with geometric patterns altered by your pitch and amplitude.
Nov 4, 7pm. Inside J&P Grocery, 8 Queen St. N, Kitchener.

Nov 4: Offerings

Canadian horror filmmaker Torin Langen presents three simultaneously looping experimenting black-and-white horror visuals taken from his 3 Dead Trick or Treaters anthology. By letting go of narrative and focusing on “fetishizing texture, atmosphere and ambiance,” Offerings seeks to hypnotize and draw viewers into the strangeness with live instrumental noise soundtracking the evening.
Nov 4, 7pm. Inside the empty store space between TWH Social’s entrance and Worth A Second Look Books, King St. E, Kitchener.